About Varna

Varna is a city of old culture, living traditions and ambitious undertakings. It is Bulgaria’s Sea Capital and the third largest city. The gem of the Bulgarian Black Sea is situated at the end of the big Varna Bay, with a convenient and well conserved water area port. It was an inhabited place even before the Greeks established the colony of Odessos there about 580 B.C.

Varna’s population is about 400 000. The city occupies some 24sq km, measuring 6km northeast-southwest and is about 4km wide. During the holiday season, July and August, the sunshine allows 10-11 hours of sunbathing. The city is clean and green. Of the green miracles at least three are a must visit: the Marine Gardens which are the largest in the Balkans; Euxinograd park, the former Royal Palace; the paradise of St.Constantine.

The resort of Golden Sands is the largest one on the Northern Black Sea coast (more than 1,800 hectares). It is situated 17 kilometers north from Varna. Golden Sands is a magnificent resort with richly wooded hills, a white golden beach and clear blue sea. There are lots of very famous and ancient mineral water springs.

The resort is situated in the area, which is a Bulgarian National park. The resort’s beach strip is 3.5 km. long and up to 100m wide. The average air temperature in summer is 27-30 degree and the water temperature is 25-28 degrees. Golden Sands suits both sun-worshippers and sightseers, being near to Varna, the third largest town of Bulgaria, the pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast with a great number of places of interest. There are more than 75 hotels from different categories; holiday clubs; two villa complexes and more than 10 luxury villas in Golden Sands resort.