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Varna Dolphinarium, Dolphin Shows

The only Dolphinarium on the Balkan  Peninsula is one of the most entertaining attractions which  Varna has to offer. The Dolphinarium was built in 1984 and  has 1134 seats.  During  the performances  (30 min),  visitors are  introduced

to the incredible intelligence and the susceptibility of marine  mammals. The unique dolphin shows include acrobatics, balance, music and dolphin dances. The lovely dolphins of the Tursiops Truncatos breed – Dolly, Kimbo, Poppi and Yoanna  – perform in the show. The youngest, Yoanna was born in the  Dolphinarium in 1995. A team of experienced trainers takes care of  the dolphins. The  tradition was set by  the German  Peter Bozeneker, the first trainer of the dolphins. On June 29,  2007 the first baby dolphin for three years was born.

Another  unique attraction  is the Dolphinarium Café, situated at the  eastern part of the building. It has 70 seats, with special windows facing the pool giving the opportunity to watch dolphins play underwater. The café also has two summer terraces with  a panoramic view of the whole Varna Gulf. The Dolphinarium is a favorite spot for all tourists visiting the  Black Sea. Annually It is visited by over 100 000 visitors, 60%  of which are foreign tourists.

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One Response to “Varna Dolphinarium, Dolphin Shows”

  1. Jutta Brückner says:

    Dear Sirs, dear Madames,

    You promote the Varna Dolphinarium – where the dolphins are in a tiny pool forced to work as entertainer for their food. No dolphin in the wild would eat dead fish, they are used to swim 100 km per dax and live in very social family bonds.
    I am sure that tourists may find different places where they can go to.
    All over the world people start to think about captive animals and are changing their attitudes. Be one of those who really cares for animals.

    Your sincerely
    Jutta Brückner

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